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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2016 Fun 2-Packs Coming Soon

Thanks for the heads up and photo links, “John H!”

Hope we get more CARS 2 Pitty’s!

Jeff Gorvette’s Pitty & John Lassetire (plus chest!)

Jeff Pitty1

Lightning & Mater without Tires – what scale railroad tracks do we get?

No Tires

And a couple of the Autobahn Society CARS … Heather Drifeng & Michelle Moteretta …


… though I am confused by the parenthesis around her name? Are they air quotes?

Oh, Hi to-quote-smiley-emoticon

Michelle Moteretta


Thanks for the heads up, “John H.”

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  • Ryan says:

    Why do those Autobahn society cars have female names? According to the “Cars Finder” on the blu-ray, the 3 they showed are “gentlemen”….

  • Mariela says:

    Rather said “quotation marks” than (parenthesis) JK. Met… 😛

    (MET: You’re right – brain going …).

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Today the mailman brought Dan Sclarkenberg and Jeremy “Hotrod” Malo. Now if they are a two pack, that’ll be the real deal! I’ve been waiting on Dan since those prototypes were offered back in 2010.

    Jeremy has smaller wheels in front than in the rear, a cute little touch.

    Also got a Precision Series Ramone (with the up/down wheels). Not real impressed with Ramone — I expected a greater range of motion on the wheels, not just “they extend by 6mm”.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I got Drifeng and Motoretta in the mail yesterday. Both are nicely done, but pretty bland, especially when placed with Sedanya as a trio. In short, they are new tooling, but so close to the old “Valerie Veate” design that almost no one would notice (in fact, I had stocked three Veate to do my own custom repaints some time ago).

    Also got Brake Boyd yesterday. He’s far nicer, new sculpt, nice expression, good looking car!

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