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Mattel Disney Planes: 2016 Planes & Planes Fire & Rescue Diecasts – Part 1

More Planes from PLANES & PLANES Fire & Rescue singles are coming!

Thanks “79nitroade30” for the research and screenshots in figuring out the obscure references!


Secord #4 PLanes WM

Secord #4 PLanes2 WM

Hammer (was originally part of a 6-pack but everything has been or is now scheduled to be released as a single).

#17 Hammer

(well, technically he’s listed as “rude,” as he made a rude comment about Dusty – so it’s either hammer or a repaint of Hammer).


Nick “Looping” Lopez is already listed (on the left) but Muscle Car, Chuck Shocks is NEW!

Lopez & Muscle


chuck shocks

And the cool 70’s cop car, Sgt. Rhodey.

sgt rhodes

We’re also getting a couple CHUG versions.

Chug with Radar Gun.

Chug with gun

CHUG as Colonel Corn.

col corn

We’re also getting DOTTIE with Easel.

dottie with easel

Part 2 is coming next.

Thanks “79nitroade30” for the research help and screenshots. Thanks!

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