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Mattel Disney Planes: Ryker Variant Issue Resolved

Thanks “David V.” for solving the mystery and the screenshots.

The latest release of Ryker matches the design of Ryker in PLANES: Fire & Rescue.

may ryker


The previous release of Ryker as a diecast was slightly different.


The fire department logo was near the tires and the green design portion was different. It was puzzling that it was so far off (usually a cost savings measure explains a variant design but that made no sense here) BUT David V. has finally uncovered the real reason.

The first Ryker released (under the Planes F&R banner) was actually based on the design of him from PLANES.

ryker 1

So, Mattel worked off this screenshot design of him until recently when they realized he had changed designs.

ryker side

While we’re at it, we need the Crane and Oil Tankers.


Thanks “David V,” for the heads up and screenshots!


Road Paver!


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