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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Fillmore’s Taste-In “Organic Fuel Tent”

Thanks “GetMe Collectibles” for the photos and video.

Now officially called Fillmore’s Taste-In … Guess Fillmore didn’t get his ORGANIC certification.  🙂





“I tried to show some of the details, like the beads in the left door, the funny car sign to the left of the tent, the barrels in the tent, etc… Not sure what the hole is in the rock/bush by the wind pump turbine tower thingy in the back. It looks like a port for some type of plug, but I can’t imagine it would plug into another set by the top.”


Thanks “Get Me Collectibles” for the photos and video!

Some official open pics.

Fillmore organic Fuel

fillmore organic lights

Yes, Fillmore’s decals glow in the dark.

fillmore lights

The rest of the town HERE and HERE.

The singles HERE.

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  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    Yhay, I just ordered this. Wondering how it is going to size with the four original RS buildings. and with there lights on. Thanks Eli.

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