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Mattel Disney Planes: Sharpes “Spruce Goose” is Sharp

Thanks for the pics and early preview, “Joshua C!”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new PLANES Deluxe but hopefully soon.

It’s “Sharpes!” (also called online Spruce Goose and Exclusive Air) so take a gander!

sharpes land

sharpes close

Fun details.

sharpes side


Compared to Lil’ Dipper.

sharpes front

side sharpes lil

dipper sharpes

Thanks for the great pics, “Joshua C.”

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  • Cars4AandR says:

    Thanks quercy and MET!

    I will look into these lists and start basically form scratch!…I think I have 30 or so!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • 79nitroade30 says:

    Always happy to share my new findings, being as I AM the biggest Planes fan around. hahaha

    • quercy says:

      Lets see how “Biggest Planes Fan” you are… 🙂

      I have 44 Planes from DISNEY STORE and 135 from Mattel… These are unopened in my collection… I do not count the ones my kids are playing with (maybe around 30…)

      I believe I have pretty much all the books, US magazines and some european magazines… (sad they discontinued the monthly mag in US).

      Honestly I do not know if I am missing something about Disney die cast planes on the market since the first release… except of course the ones from case C and D…

      • 79nitroade30 says:

        I only bought Windlifter and Blade from the Disney store for accuracy to scale, oh and Muir but also bought two Mattel Muirs so I can have the passenger cars. I made my own custom tender to go with Muir and the pic of it was featured on this site. I have everything Mattel has made for Planes diecast and all the playsets. I have Hammer (Nebraska trials racer) Have tents for all 21 WATG racers and Nebraska trials racers. A couple pittys that aren’t available yet from anywhere, they are featured in another story on here too. I have several books as well, and sticker books that are from Lufthansa and American airlines and from Europe in Spanish. I have a kids hat with Jolly Wrenches on it that I wear (I’m an adult, no kids) and have a Planes pillowcase, featuring one of my favourites, Drip. Have a custom Propwash Junction sign and watertower. Made a custom Nick Loopin Lopez, Carl Cranky Case, WIlly Knight, some towns folk, and Rance Coldstart. All of which are in the Meet the Planes book. have two planes water bottles I use here at work everyday. Planes lunchbox i use everyday. I have both movies on my phone and watch when i work out, so see at least one of the movies once a week. Hmmm, lets see. Xmas ornaments, tattoos, mini bags, organizer, folders, pens, stickers, popcorn bucket, mug from Netherlands….I could probably go on…but I’ll stop there hahahahahah Im a Planes freak, i’m telling you!

      • Cars4AandR says:

        Good evening 79nitroade30 and quercy,
        Would either of you have a list of Planes from both Disney and Mattel that you could share? Or could you point me in the wright direction to get said lists?
        I am so behind on these!!!

        (MET: If you search for PLANES POSTER on Take5, you’ll find PDF links to the official posters which should get you about 95% of the way there).

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