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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Deluxe Showgirl Returns + Original Prototypes Look Back

The Dinoco Showgirl #1 is coming back as a Deluxe single. Thanks for the heads up, “John H.”

While the early preview showed a metallic paint scheme, the diecast re-release pretty much looks the same as the original release.


How about a fun look back (courtesy of Martin Arriola) at the original prototype proposal of the Dinoco Showgirls with REAL FEATHERS!

showguirls 1-2

Sadly, real feathers cost more than plastic ones.


And product safety was concerned about allergies and people eating them.

side dinoco showgirl

How’s that for a jobs checklist – will our customers be so enticed to ingest these?

dinoco back

They are/were delicious looking. Thanks Martin Arriola for the fun look back.

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  • Fillmore1234 says:

    For anyone that’s confused or wondering. We know this about the Dinoco Daydream Series so far:

    1.) There are two Cars left of the 9 we don’t know.

    2.) Those two Cars will be as a 2 Pack.

    3.) The King is not in the Dinoco Daydream series. He is in the Piston Cup Series this year.

    I hope the last two Cars are the other 2 members of the Autobahn Society. It makes sense since it will be a 2 pack and the first member is going to be a Single.

  • tzdtmm says:

    I’m assuming because of the #1 designation we may see the #2 version down the road?


    • quercy says:

      I would guess the following for the 9 cars in that Dinoco Dream series…

      Transformed Lightning McQueen
      Dinoco Lightning McQueen or Bling Bling McQueen
      Dinoco Chick Hicks
      The King
      Mrs King
      Storm Lightning McQueen
      Showgirl #1
      Showgirl #2

      But that means 3 Deluxe in a 9 cars series… hmmmm

      • John says:

        Here’s how Dinoco Daydream seems to be shaping up:

        Dinoco Daydream
        (9 cars)
        Transforming Lightning McQueen (#1 of 9)
        Tex Dinoco
        Dinoco Chick Hicks
        Dinoco Showgirl #1 (Oversized)(#4 of 9)
        Lightning Storm Lightning McQueen (Oversized)(#5 of 9)
        Dinoco Mia (#6 of 9) and Dinoco Tia (#7 of 9)
        Dinoco Lightning McQueen
        Autobahn Society Guy #1

        • quercy says:

          The first 7 are confirmed now… Assuming the last two are singles that would complete the series.

          1- Transforming Lightning Mcqueen (single)
          2- Tex Dinoco (single)
          3- Sedanya Oskanian (single) (Autobahn Society)
          4- Dinoco Showgirl #1 (Deluxe
          5- Lightning Storm Lightning McQueen (Deluxe)
          6/7- Dinoco Mia Tia (Movie Moments)
          X- Heather Drifeng (single) (Autobahn Society)
          X- Michelle Motoretta (single) (Autobahn Society)

          • John says:

            Here’s the latest 2016 roster: http://tinyurl.com/j9kr6kx

            • quercy says:

              Thank you…. According to the main line list, I quickly counted 30 new characters and/or version of existing characters. The rest are repeat. Many old ones are coming back which will please many collectors who started in the last couple years… Mainly it will be a good year. My desapointment is about the cards design…. too similar from last year and the year before…. Annnnd the year before. I was expecting something more different… Especially we are entering in the 10th anniversary of Cars…

  • toyfountain says:

    These would be nice to modify.

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