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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Poster is Back

Thanks “GotMeCollectibles” for the head-ups. The next singles case H … the poster is back!


This is a photo of the original poster from February – is the poster the same?

So, I guess Case H will be the 2016 cards with the APP snipe plus now with posters?

Nothing NEW in the case except new cards presumably:

Charlie Checker, Chick Hicks, Christina Wheeland, Determined LM, Doc Hudson, Dinoco LM, Holley Shiftwell, Jeff Gorvette, Kabuto, Kathy Copter, My Name is Not Chuck(Yellow), Nigel Gearsley, Ramone, Mater, Max Schnell, Sarge, Sheriff,  Snot Rod with Flames, Strip Weathers AKA The King, & WGP LM.

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  • thebreezz says:

    So now that 2015 is gone & looking back I see a crazy series.
    1st close to the same card back design, but RED bottom background.
    2nd a closer look & we had some earlier posters in February. Then the ugly Apple app Logo.
    But not to be forgotten we get App Logo with Poster
    Yes I have some cars with 4 version’s.
    Don’t forget the International ones.
    I hate myself for getting so many different / same Blisters but I look at the card back as a baseball card, so I keep jumping in.
    Now 2016 & it looks like more ugly none different/same series stuff.
    Remember when we had Desert Art & Supercharged then WOC, Final Lap with Race O Rama & Piston Cup Nights.

  • e.davies1 says:

    Getmecollectibles, and nope, still 2015

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