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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Another Mater Variant?

The other day, we covered the history of Mater variants – so we already have another one? “Alejandro T.” sends along pics of a brown engine compartment 2015 Mater.


No black paint on the carburetor cap and definitely brown and not tan plastic for the engine (see last photo).

mater brown side

Otherwise, pretty much the Mater out now …


So, it’s hard to tell if it’s an error with an engine part left over from CARS 2 (as some engines were brown) or if it’s a production variant? Do you have a 2015 Mater, what does it look like?

mater lineup

Thanks for the photos, “Alejandro T.”

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  • RobbieGee says:

    …this mater was in the tractor stampede gift set and the brown engine is not the only “variant”. if you’ll have a look on the total item (the side, the rims (back is yellow) and the eye-brow) it is a total variant to all other maters cause not released with this additional specifications (only the lights&sounds variant has all of this things also a brown engine but a little bit lighter) 😉

    (MET: Ah, you’re right – looks like another variant).

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