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Mattel Disney Planes: Metallic Racing Dusty Amazon Issues

Some people have had problems trying to order this “free” Metallic Racing Dusty …

metallic dusty

racing Dusty crophopper

It might help if you start with THE PROMO PAGE HERE (scroll about halfway down for the $6.99 Dusty (not the $7.99) one at the top).


Now scroll down the pages to add $15 worth of MATTEL Disney PLANES items.

They reduced the price of the 3-pack with Teddy, Secretary of the Interior to $12.82 – you will need to add some other PLANES item though to get to $15.

Now, when you go check out, you should see a credit of $6.99 on the last page when all your info is in and you click that final SUBMIT.


To add to the confusion, you can buy it separately for $6.99 as an “add-on item” HERE.

Amazon has designated items as FREE TO SHIP if you buy $25 worth of merchandise. You apparently CANNOT buy these items unless you buy at least $25 worth of merchandise even if you’re a PRIME MEMBER.

So, if you don’t want to buy any other PLANES items but you want to buy other Amazon merchandise like a Dash Button for Mints 🙂 (Amazon will credit you $4.99 with your first purchase – ain’t life grand now – if you need mints, just press a button!) or in this scenario, you can buy diecast CARS.

I do not know if you can just buy a bunch of the Metallic Racing Dusty as your add-on item? I was too lazy to test this out. Let us know if you can make an order of just add-on items. 🙂

Good luck and happy shopping!



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  • tzdtmm says:

    I had a few issues when ordering, but it eventually worked, now my new beef with Amazon is they waited 7 days to ship my order out, not sure why they sat on my order that long. Still waiting for it to arrive


    • tzdtmm says:

      for me to get this, I had to go over 25.00 also, I added a third plane, to go over 25.00, and then it worked. It is misleading. I did manage to get three decent ones, Secretary (Teddy), Windy Wheelchocks, and Falco. I kept missing out on Trudy Trailways, although that was a choice every so often also.

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