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Hydrox Cookies are Back!

If you are a Hydrox fan, they are back!


Only at Amazon so far.

  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No Hydrogenated Oils
  • Darker Chocolate Cookie
  • Crunchier Cookie
  • Made in the USA

LEAF Brands is proud to bring back Hydrox, the Original Sandwich Cookie! Yep, it predated Oreo and was always free of animal fats. LEAF rolled the recipe back to when real sugar, non-hydrogenated oils and high-quality cocoa were used. After years of waiting, you can now enjoy Hydrox cookies once again. It tastes like the original Hydrox you remember; less sweet, more chocolate flavor and stays crispier in milk. No other cookie tastes like a Hydrox!

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1 October 2015 Food No Comment

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