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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Playsets & Diecasts – Order & PreOrder

“GetMeCollectibles” is taking pre-order and orders for the Precision Series playsets and plussed diecasts.

Precision Series Flo’s V8 Cafe. $104 shipped.

flo back

Precision Series Flo’s V8 Cafe includes a light-up Flo.

Precison Series Flo's cafePrecision Series Fillmore’s Organic Fuel tent – $62 shipped. (PRE-ORDER – coming in November).

fillmore organic lights

Fillmore’s Organic Fuel tent probably does not include a Fillmore diecast.

The first three diecasts are Lightning McQueen, Ramone & Doc Hudson.

precision series diecast

All three from WAVE 1 – $42 delivered (US) at Got Me Collectibles. (PRE-ORDER – coming in November).


Each diecast comes with a base and an acrylic cover … plus I guess a license plate keychain?

You can see closeup pics of the diecasts “plussed” features in this post.

International customers can email them for international shipping rates.


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  • e.davies1 says:

    The rep surrounding these at dw3 said they could produce everything but it sll depends on sales

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      Let’s hope they sell then! They made 1000 Albert Hinkey and they sold … anyone have any idea how many of each Precision Set they will make? If they make them all, there goes my budget.

      (MET: I imagine they’ll make a batch – if it sells out, they’ll eventually bring it back but some will probably be a one-run deal and never really return).

    • quercy says:

      I would not count on that… How many others they have done with instant sale and never did the others ?… The Haulers for instance ??? Story Tellers ??? If they do not flood like they did with McMissile, Francesco and smoke jumpers, usually everything goes off the shelves pretty fast…. I have seen my Walmart receiving the same Toon Squad series , Walmart and Mack Haulers and Deluxe Planes Dipper, Blaze and Blazin for a gazillionth time…. but Cars Deluxe and singles and empty…THAT is not helping sales record to give customers real pulse….

  • MackDaddy says:

    Hey Met,

    FYI, bad link on the close-up pics.

  • dvincent says:

    Met, do you know if Mattel will also produce the decorative elements that surround the buildings? I would like to reconstruct exactly the same decor as the one shown at D23…

    (MET: It seems they are going to sell the desert and street elements but nothing specific yet).

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