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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: To Protect & Serve Your Collection (Part 1)

Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”

It looks like the To Protect & Serve 3-packs are finally arriving at all Walmart’s.


One of the nicest 3-packs will all new diecasts.


Well, if you were a grumpy Gus, you might call them repaints … 


The other 2 3-packs are also out and they are part of the same case arriving in stores.

First up, “Driving School Lightning McQueen.”

Driving School-Lightning-McQueen-front

Looks like great fun.

Driving School-Lightning-McQueen-lside

Great detailing.

Driving School-Lightning-McQueen-rside

Driving School-Lightning-McQueen-rear

And fun detailing.

Driving School-Lightning-McQueen-3-4-front

There was an earlier Disney Store set which includes these three CARS plus Crime Scene Mater & Sheriff.

Driving School-DS-Lightning-McQueen-&-Mattel-Lightning-McQueen-3-4-front

Driving School-DS-Lightning-McQueen-&-Mattel-Lightning-McQueen-rside

Driving School-DS-Lightning-McQueen-&-Mattel-Lightning-McQueen-rear

Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”

Didi & Mike, the County Sheriff CARS are in Part 2 later today.

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