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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Neon Racers Backstory & Update

The Neon Racers have returned & “Carl P.” sends along shots of the book, MEET THE NEON RACERS – the back story of the Neon Racers motif.

meet the neon racers

shu page

The TROC phrase was first used here, now all the expanded universe races are folded under this umbrella.


mach intro


Even Rip shows up.


The new card artwork but no new diecasts not already released (so far). Are they coming in wave 2?


Kmart has gotten the 4-pack, still the only place to get Shu in the US.

neon speed 4-car


However Shu was released on card in EU and Australia.

shu aus

As noted, lifted from the book – the backstory on the cardback.

neon back

“Momoe’s” collection of the WGP racers (top Row) and the expanded universe versions. Neon Racers one row from the bottom. Missing Francesco, Jeff Gorvette, Carla Veloso, & Rip official releases (photo missing Neon Frosty & SDCC LM & SDCC Shu).


Thanks “Carl P,” and “momoe” for the photos.

The book was only available at Target but it seemed to be a very limited release. You can buy a KINDLE eBook version of it at Amazon. And of course, a puzzle.

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