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TakeFiveADay Housekeeping Issues

We’re still working our way through some database issues but one problem we traced is visiting takefiveaday.com which is supposed to be the same as www.takefiveaday.com but for some reason, there were issues so check your bookmark – and visit us at www.takefiveday.com (with the www). Thanks David V! Hopefully that should fix it.

Also, as I well know, a lot of people are running ad blockers. But if you could whitelist us, that would be great. We try and keep our ads relevant & we do not have pop-up ads.

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Your ad blocker (or AdBlock Plus) has a menu like this. Click on OPTIONS. Then select WHITELISTED DOMAINS and type in www.takefiveaday.com (you don’t need the HTTP:// portion).



Thanks! We are ad and affiliate supported – click on the bottom right links to shop. We get a referral fee – it doesn’t cost you anything extra so thanks!

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10 September 2015 Advertising 2 Comments


  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Ditto to what John said. The newest posts (either comments from members or all new topics from Met himself) don’t show up until you log off/log back in — though if I go to my “dashboard”, I can see that they have been made so I know to log out.

  • John says:

    That doesn’t seem to be the problem. We still have to log off and back on, even to see a comment we’ve just posted.

    Which I had to do just now to see that this comment posted.

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