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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Radiator Springs

Thanks for the great pics, “Mariela and Pablo!”

The Precision Series is a plussed-up series …

precision series

With diecasts – with what looks like “real” rubber tires, moving parts (opening trunks, hoods or raised axles or lights), metallic paint, better quality and an acrylic display case.

(Close up photos in our earlier post). 

Diecasts will be $9.99 each.

precision series diecast

While the addition-featured diecasts are nice, the real surprise and welcomed addition is RADIATOR SPRINGS playsets!

Flo’s is coming soon. Earlier close-up pics here. Here’s one of Flo with a darker backdrop to see the great attention to details and the dazzling lights-up feature. ($99.99)

flos night

But that’s the beginning. Next in line is Fillmore’s Organic Fuel (Dome). $49.99.

fillmore organic lights

So, I’m guessing the others will be priced between $49.99 and $99.99?

Sally’s Cozy Cone Motel!

sally's crazy Cone motel

Doc’s Ornamental Valley Clinic.

view to flo-docs



Lizzie’s Radiator Springs House of Curios.

lizzie curio shop

Sarge’s Surplus Hut

sarge surplus
Tow Mater’s

maters tow

Luigi’s Casa Tires.

luigi night
Ramone’s House of Art.

ramone's hse of body art

Main Street. Stores on Ramone’s side (going to the courthouse) – The Oil Pan, Lube O Rama, Sparky’s Spark Plugs, Pop ‘n Patch Tire, Miss Piston, Carburetor Emporium Repair, Muddy’s Mudflaps & Mrs. Muffler.

view to ramone

RS street night

On Luigi’s side – (toward Courthouse): Wimpy Wipers, Eat, Sparky’s Spark Plugs, The Curb Feeler & Foggy’s Windshield.

RS street 2night


Glen Rio Motel?

vuew from docs

So, yea, they all seem to light up. So, it looks like there are 10 main businesses plus the two sides of Main Street (I presume the small stores are combined as one playset for each side of the street) so 12 playsets – as we march towards CARS 3 in June 2018, you can do the schedule. 🙂

More pics tomorrow – thanks Mariela & Pablo for the great pics!

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