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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Mystery Transforming Dinoco Lightning McQueen

Thanks for the nice pics, “John H.”

Let’s get it out of the way – Mattel claims it is NOT a D23 Expo CAR so …


It is too nicely done to be a counterfeit. Unlike the country flag fakes or the multi-color LM’s – those were easy to do. This takes much more skill and too much effort so I’m going out on a limb and say it’s coming as an official diecast.


Since it’s not on the poster, it’s an exclusive.


It could be another Target Fall-Black Friday exclusive … that one worked pretty well. They sold a bunch at full price and then discounted the few remaining for Black Friday. This would look nice in a display box.

Rusteze-to-Dinoco-McQueen-rside\ Rusteze-to-Dinoco-McQueen-lside

“RCcars5” sent along this perfect aligned screensnap of the transition that I forgot about …





Thanks for all the great pics, “John H.” and thanks “RCcars5” for the screensnap.


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