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Graceful Exit

How not to exit a pickup …


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3 July 2015 Internet 4 Comments


  • MackDaddy says:

    I have to log out, then log back in to have all the new posts and comments appear! Wierd.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I’ll note I’m still using IE — and it was apparently a cache issue. I had to go into the advanced settings and change a chase choice to dump files on exit. Seems to be working for me now.

    (MET: Sounds good!)

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I’m having the same issues. “Graceful Exit” is the newest post that shows, yet occasionally I can open two newer ones, and comments I know I made don’t show up, nor do some from other that show as having been made.

  • Outlawbak says:

    Hey MET, is their something wrong with the website??? Last week, Safari was unable to open any of your posts after the 767 plane takeoff vid for days so I switched to Firefox, latest version and it opened the page up to the graceful dude in the pickup, since then I have been unable to get any posts from your website with Firefox or Safari……is it me or your web hosting server???

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