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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Acer with Luggage Cart – 1st Class!

Mega size Acer with Luggage Cart is coming …

Acer with Luggage Cart WM Acer with Luggage Cart1 WM

Guess we need another 20 luggage carts. I presume there’s some coupling to Acer?

acer luggage cart WM

Amazon has it listed but not shipping.

It looks like it’s in CASE W – info & pics here.


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  • danrio says:

    For a couple of weeks, our Target store had 2 singles, both of which were Nigel Gearsley. After those 2 finally disappeared, and for the 2 weeks since, the singles section has been bare. Richard Clayton Kensington and Frank made a brief appearance in the DeLuxe section, but those were merely old vehicles in new packaging. Tysonitis was the only recent new arrival in Planes, and that appeared to be accidental since the store had the same stock in 2 different places in the store; one was overpriced at $7.99 and re-priced for clearance at $5.59 with the bar code obscured, while the other was with the regular singles and priced at $4.99. So far, for an opener, it’s been a most discouraging 2015!

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I’ve gotten two so far, the luggage carts do in fact couple together. I’m stopping at two, as the scene after he gets shot up he’s only pulling two …

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