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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Terry Gong Show is a Winner

Thanks for most of the great pics, “Mack Me Bucko!”

Terry Gong – if it was just him – nice but m’eh …







He does come with the largest ratio to diecast accessory – super sweet.

terry side

The only thing better would be if the gong was metal and actually worked as a gong. But that’s asking a lot …

terry gong

Great details.


Compared to the Tokyo clean-up Pitty.



Thanks for the great pics “Mack Me Bucko!”

The official pics from Mattel …
Terry Gong3 WM


A little detailing lost here and there but nothing major …

Terry Gong1 WM


ter gong


ToyFountain notes that Amazon has it listed – but not yet ready for orders.

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  • anonymousperson says:

    What are some other links of out-of-stock Disney Pixar Cars die casts on Amazon?

    (MET: They list things coming as OS to save time).

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