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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mater with Allinol Cans + Edamame & Daisu Tsashimi

Mater with Allinol Cans & Pitty’s Edamame Tsashimi & Daisu Tsashimi.

Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”


Long time coming but from the CARS 2 sushi bar scene, Mater with Allinol Cans.




Loaded for bear.


Plus the two, sushi chef Pitty’s Edamame Tsashimi & Daisu Tsashimi.


Similiar to the cleanup Pitty crew.


Along with the other Tokyo Pitty’s.



Compared to Wasabi Mater.



Terry Gong coming …


Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”


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  • BMW says:

    Met, as typical of Mattel, these 2 pack cases are continuing the pattern of one per case for the newest (Mater with Alinol and the Sushi Pitties) and then the repeats. I have found the full case at Walmart on 5/29/15
    and it is this:
    1 Mater with Allinol cans with Sushi Chefs Edamame Tsashimi & Daisu
    Tsashimi 3 pack 6/7/8 of 10
    2 Super Fans Mia Tia
    2 Sally/ RS Mcqueen
    2 Easy Idle/ Easy Idle Pitty
    2 Flo with oil can/Hydraulic Ramone
    1 Francesco/Giuseppe Motorosi

    I don’t get the reasoning for short packing, just like they did with Lost in the Desert Van and Mini.

    (MET: Thanks – yea, we don’t need any new collectors, right? :-/ ).

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I just received my Chinese back-door model of Terry Gong today. He’s the typical body molding as the other pitties shown here, the same pinkish Hachimaki (headband), and an even more “dim bulb” facial expression than as seen on the floor mopping pitty. The gong assembly is all plastic, as one might expect: hard plastic for the base, post, and gong; and soft flexible plastic the shu-moku (striker log).

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Mildly curious. In the group photo with all the pitties in a line, why are there two of Teki? Is there some minor variation of him?

    • John says:

      Windshield color, 2 variations.

      • Mack_me_Bucko says:

        Wow, I’m glad I’m not quite that nit-picky in my collecting — you’d have to buy one of every model produced from each day’s production to get an accurate sample.

      • BMW says:

        I am not seeing any color variation on Teki. Maybe its the picture.
        I checked my 3 pack Teki versus the original in the 2 pack still not seeing a color variation.

        • Mack_me_Bucko says:

          I can tell from the above image that there is a color shift in the one Teki on the far left — the two look to have pure white eyes, and very lightly off-white eyelids — while the third one has eyelids the same color as the Tokyo Party pitties. Perhaps it was a yellowing of the clear overcoat on that one particular Teki? Is it a common variation?

  • BMW says:

    Great pitties!

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