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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Siren Carbarini Preview

Thanks “John H.” for the great pics.

Siren Carbarini is a Mark Wheelsen repaint.

Siren Carbarini-front-3-4

Siren Carbarini-front

Siren Carbarini-rside

Obviously as a cop car, all others should look pretty much the same.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini-lside

Nice touch of a different license plate.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini-rear


As expected, a slightly different expression.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini-front

Nice that they went to the trouble to create a unibody with a slightly different mouth expression.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini-front-3-4

So, while mostly a repaint, it’s still nice as the Ford Mondeo cop cars are still very nice – packed full of details and a very cool bonnet … or hat.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini_Doug-Speedcheck-front-3-4

With Doug Speedcheck.

Thanks for the grear pics, “John H.”

BTW, there’s an Italian island of Sirens up for sale if you’re looking for an island …

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