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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Siren Carbarini Preview

Thanks “John H.” for the great pics.

Siren Carbarini is a Mark Wheelsen repaint.

Siren Carbarini-front-3-4

Siren Carbarini-front

Siren Carbarini-rside

Obviously as a cop car, all others should look pretty much the same.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini-lside

Nice touch of a different license plate.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini-rear


As expected, a slightly different expression.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini-front

Nice that they went to the trouble to create a unibody with a slightly different mouth expression.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini-front-3-4

So, while mostly a repaint, it’s still nice as the Ford Mondeo cop cars are still very nice – packed full of details and a very cool bonnet … or hat.

Mark-Wheelsen_Siren Carbarini_Doug-Speedcheck-front-3-4

With Doug Speedcheck.

Thanks for the grear pics, “John H.”

BTW, there’s an Italian island of Sirens up for sale if you’re looking for an island …

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  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    This is amazing being a Ford mondeo never noticed this before!

  • brianmc4745 says:

    Man it’s rough in my area if you are a cars collector. The only place that stocks singles is walmart and they only stick one or two cases of each wave. If your not one of the two to find the case you you know what out of luck. Thankfully I have been one of the two on each case wave.

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