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Nintendo Amiibos Launch Shortage

Wired has a nice piece of why you should NOT create an artificial shortage when PEOPLE WANT TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT … humm, it seems this lesson could apply elsewhere.


There is also an opinion piece in Forbes that covers the same ground.


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11 April 2015 Video Games 4 Comments


  • Jinzo says:

    These have been a pain to obtain for me. I was able to pretty much complete Waves 1, 2, & 3 with some effort work minus Marth and paying $40 for Lucario on Ebay. Wave 4 has been a pain to even try to preorder. I really hope the whole Amiibo craze comes crashing down soon. I keep trying to get US versions of these and I’m starting to get annoyed & frustrated by this whole 10 secs available to preorder. Nintendo is just pissing off its fans to a degree that hasn’t been seen from Nintendo. How is it that I||am going to have to track these down on Ebay or trades to get Wave 4 and beyond probably.

    The worst part, and I can honestly say THE WORST part, is that now you have to make lines for PREORDERS! I mean Ness in this case. Why is this happening? When Gamestop preorders for Ness started for in store to home and the system crash, some people who made line didn’t even get Ness at all.

    What Nintendo needs to start doing because obviously they don’t care is just taking preorders and make Amiibos accordingly to preorders along with a few extras outside the preorder productions. That way, the scalper portion of this craze will be wiped out which is indeed hurting this craze. Or an alternative would be making assortment boxes with different Amiibos in a case. That way, you can still keep “Rare” ones and have common/uncommon ones constantly being release to the public. I really hope Nintendo wakes up from doing this “Cartmanland” to its fans. It really needs to stop.

    Since the announcement of Wave 4, 5, & 6, I haven’t been able to get anything preordered because I HAVE A LIFE. Have to go to work, walk the dog, takes showers, & cook/eat/etc. I can’t stop life to keep F5ing all day long. I still try but to no avail. Sorry for the long rant guys but this is seriously gotten out of hand now. IT HAS TO STOP. 🙁 — Cars & Amiibos Fan

  • RRichie09 says:

    It’s just a simple miscalculation. It happens. The real test is how quickly can they correct the problem.

    This is unlike Mattel, because they have shown time and time again, they just don’t care or they are doing it on purpose. In my opinion, Mattel does it on purpose. Nintendo… we’ll see.

  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    Simply import from UK – jigglypuff along with greninja are not retailer exclusive so will be easy enough to pick up here, over the pond here the rarest by far have been rosalina and shulk – but have imorted both from us with ease – it seems to me Nintendo are playing territories off each other with supply but I still think demand will die down and more units are coming, especially later in year when focus shifts to the new lego toys to life range and whatever else will come from e3.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    If anyone is interested in just how difficult it is to obtain a Jigglypuff amiibo (the pink one in the center of the pic) I’ll give you a run down. I decided to collect all 6 Pokemon amiibo and it has been one of the worst online experiences of my life.

    April 1: Nintendo announces that Jigglypuff will be a Target Exclusive
    April 2: Jigglypuff goes live on Target.com for pre orders around 10:30 AM. Pre orders sell out in 7 minutes.
    April 8: Jigglypuff goes back in stock on Target.com for pre orders around 10 AM again. Sells out in less than 20 minutes. Target reports that they have completely sold out of all online stock available.
    April 8: Target decides to release Jigglypuff again around 10 PM. She sold out in 2 minutes. It’s rumored that they were cancellations from previous orders.
    April 9: It happens again. Jigglypuff goes online for about 2 minutes before going out of stock again.
    April 10: One person was able to buy Jigglypuff last night. One.

    And here I am still sitting here without a Jigglypuff. In other news, amiibo collectors crashed GameStop’s website for about an hour when pre orders went available there last Thursday as well as the GAME.co.uk website a few days ago. It’s been crazy.

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