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Target Canada – Last Days/Last Day

It wasn’t that long agao that Maureen (MoMcQueen) reported in on the first day of Target Canada … guess the non-new CARS stock was a clue things were not going to go well … Now she reports in (from last week) of the closing of the era (yea, that was quick).

“You might remember that when Target Canada first opened its doors in May of 2013, I was waiting in line at my local store on opening day? Well, my Target in Southdale Winnipeg was among the first 16 in Canada to close. Today. I was there. It was probably one of the most depressing things that I have ever seen.”

target CA
“Random combinations of items were strewn everywhere. The only stuff left is what people don’t want at any price. Tacky ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO!’ signs flapping in the breeze. I was standing in line at the cashier when they made their final announcement over the store public address system: “Attention! Target shoppers, the store is now closed. Forever.”

target 40
(Isn’t 40% off a normal sale – shouldn’t a we’re closing the doors today sale be 90% off?)


At least you got a philosophical mantra out the door … indeed, what is here today might not be tomorrow.

target bye
“At least the few remaining employees had a chuckle. With that, a brief chapter in Canadian retail history came to an end. So long Target, I will miss you even if no one else does! Sniff, sniff. But then again, I am fickle and on the rebound. I will pick up where I left off with Target in the USA.
target front

Thanks Maureen (MoMcQueen) for the nice/sad photos and update.

I hope your drive to the USA is not too difficult.

No one pried off the red Target target?




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  • MoMcQueen says:

    Oddly, one of the first things to disappear, Met, was the Target signs on cart corrals in the parking lots. I don’t know if they were liberated by people looking for souvenirs or….? My retail raid into the USA yesterday was fine but the Target in Grand Forks wasn’t much better appointed. I found Blazin’ Blades but that was it. They had the same frownie-faced selection of unloved Neon and Ice Racers that I saw last time. Poor, unloved repaints; they never meant anyone any harm. It seemed like a lot of the Toy section was bare. (I did get lucky at Walmart, however.)

  • John in Missouri says:

    Everything is NOT 90% off since Target turned things over to a liquidator who needs to make a profit too. Anything unsold will head somewhere else where they can still turn a profit.

    • MoMcQueen says:

      Things did not go as smoothly with the liquidation as they could have: there was an eleventh-hour injunction on the sale of store fixtures as a result of some sort of dispute between Target and the lease-holders. Although that might have nothing to do with liquidation, per se. It’s all a mystery to me.

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