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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Wally Hauler Error Auction

Another one of a kind Martin Arriola auction! (eBay)

Since the Wally Hauler has Walmart trademarks – it required an additional signoff from Walmart and they had a couple issues with this “final” approval-needed version.

Wally hauler

This NEVER RELEASED version was deemed an error and incorrect by Walmart.

So, it was mailed back to Mattel with a note indicating what is incorrect and what needed to be fixed (see below).

Yep, this Wally Hauler auction also includes the original client note!

Error note

Another rarity – the artwork on the front of the Wally Hauler was also incorrect and needed changing (including the removal of the Sam’s Club logo). Another RARE aspect of this auction – a final NON-APPROVED diecast release that is an error AND with an error box packaging that also needed to be changed.

Old Design

So the client (Walmart) wrapped it with the note inside so the sheet would not get separated. They also relayed what was the error, so it was never removed from the wrap.

Wally hauler

That’s why Martin Arriola decided to keep it – it’s rare that a 3rd party client makes changes so late in the process but what are you gonna do?

Another literally one-of-a-kind auction – on eBay.

This below photo was the first official final approved version … (not included in the auction).


For those curious about the diecast process, here’s our last post on the topic.

If you’re bidding on this, good luck!

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  • AcuraNSX says:

    I like my packaging graphics better that the final approved version. I think this was cool because of the TV Commercial that was run when the Line was really hot………….

    I remember when I first purposed this concept to JL & he really liked the idea of doing Haulers but my genius Marketing counterpart @ that time said I had to design them at a retail price of $10.00 w/a die cast cab & I remember telling him to”put the crack pipe down & your hands where I can see them”………..

    I won in the end as he left the Brand but Mattel should have finished/sold every Racer Hauler that was at the was at the Piston Cup. But nnnooooo 🙁

  • John in Missouri says:


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