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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Singles Q Case

The US Q Case looks like it might match the international Q case … the most enticing release looks to be Tach O Mint – it’s first EVER plastic tire release as a single.

tach racer

The rest of the diecasts in this case are all re-releases …

Q Case
Chauncy Fares gets his first singles release so that’s nice.

Chauncey Fares

Marty Brakeburst & Hooman return with their first re-release on card since the Final Lap days. Andrea hasn’t been out since ROR on singles card but all three have been available in various box sets since then so for most collectors, not terribly exciting. Acer hasn’t been out in a couple years but that’s pretty much it. Andrea WM Hooman WM Marty Brakeburst WM

Thanks for the heads up, “Rob (My 7 Kids).”

And yea, distribution stills seems to be an issue …


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  • John in Missouri says:

    These are being found in Walmart Easter displays, in those small green cardboard bins between Toys and Toiletries.

    Wasn’t Hooman one of the very last rare & hard to find Final Laps?

    (Yes, as noted above that Hooman was one of the last FL releases (along with Marty).

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