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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Hydraulic Ramone & Variant Pit Stop Flo

Thanks “King Andy” for the heads up & nice photos.

In Europe now but eventually coming to the US.

ramone-flo 2 pack

While we’ve had Lightning Ramone out for  a while and we have a couple Hydraulic Ramone’s, this is the first Hydraulic version of Lightning Ramone.


It also looks a matte paint version.

hydraulic ramones

At first glance, Pit Stop Member Flo looks about the same but “King Andy” notes that the front end is now all metal. She’s not quite a unibody as her eyes/windshield/head has always been a plastic piece that has been inserted with a metal shell around it.

pit stop flo side

The original Flo was a metal shell with the windshield/head as plastic inserted so this is a return to the way she was in her original release.

pit stop flo

Thanks for the heads up and great pics, “King Andy.”

pit flo

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