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Disney Pixar Toons: More Ice Racers at the Disney Store

Thanks for the heads up, “Alberto A.”

Ice Racer Lightning

icy racer lightning


Ice Racer Raoul Carouleice raoul

Ice Racer Vitaly Petrovicy racer vitaly

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  • Adam S says:

    Are they rubber tires too like Francesco? That is what made him so great. Heavier then his regular 1:43 and the tires. Mine are in the mail! Friends and family discount.

  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    Really pushing ice racers here in UK starting to see clothing stationary all sorts across a variety of stores – even seen a TV advert about 5-6 times today too for the diecasts!

    (Or the Frozen lightning mcqueens as my son and his friends call them lol wonder if we will have an Elsa/Anna cameo in the toon lol That would actually be neat although not sure what car model would fit lol

  • dipperanddusty says:

    Cool !!!

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