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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Kevin Shifty Drug Now in the Pink

Shifty Drug-Kevin Racingtire should come with a new sticker …


Kevin Racingtire has finally gotten the correct color shift.

shifty drug

As you can see in the screenshot, his correct color is mostly PINK all over but from 2008 to until a case ago, he was strangely red where he should be pink. That’s right, in the first case of 2015, he was RED – a slight variant as he lost his raised eyebrow to just a painted one but in CASE 2, in addition to the poster included, he is now CORRECTLY painted!

Thanks for the heads up & great photos, “Scavenger!”

kevin racingtire

He’s in the PINK now.


Collect ’em all.

Thanks for the heads up & great photos, “Scavenger!”

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