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CollectorMom & Family – Back to the USA with Their MSOS!

CollectorMom & Family – Welcome back to the USA!

They’re on their way – everything important is packed and ready to go. 🙂


Long time collectors would know that box from anywhere. But for newer collectors …


It’s the near mythical Motor Speedway of the South box.

The first unboxing post – back in the day before TakeFiveaDay. And before the set actually was available. If you want to BE THERE as it was unfolding, read the LIVE POST from 2008.

Who’s still with us from that day?

Did you waver in your decision? (I doubt there’s anyone who is mad they bought one but hey, some guy gave Stonehendge a 1-star review – so you never know).

Welcome back CollectorMom to the USA!

No one tell her the CARS retail situation … sshhhhhh …. but hey, at least gas is cheaper than a diecast.



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