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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Tokyo Race 7-Pack & Coming Next

There are more Target only 7-packs coming. In fact, one is already out.

Thanks for the nice pics “Scavenger.”

The Tokyo Race 7-CAR Gift Pack (Target.com)

Tokyo race 7-car gift pack
There is ONE true new release, Lewis Hamilton’s Crew Chief, Bruce Boxmann (with headphones). New sculpt.

tokyo 7-pack back

The rest? Well, if you didn’t pick up the Denise Beam single last year – she’s been upgraded to a unibody.

Has Frank Clutchenson also been upgraded to a unibody? If so, that would be pretty much it for this box set.

Shu, Lewis, Jeff Govette & Max Schnell have long been upgraded to a unibody release.

So, it’s $30 for one new diecast … $10 each if you want/need a unibody Denise and maybe Frank (who was only been available in a 4-pack).

Thanks for the nice photos, “Scavenger.”

Here’s the official photo of the CARS (most the original releases from 2011 so they show the segmented versions).

7pack #2

There is another 7-pack coming – Italy Race?

7pack #1

It is an improvement, 3 new releases in a 7-pack but of course, still 4 long-time re-releases.

You can find larger pics of the new releases in yesterday’s post.

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  • Tom says:

    What kind of car is Bruce supposed to be? An old Honda Prelude?
    Yeck on the multi-pack.

  • bobbyjack says:

    3 new cars I can do for a 7 pack, but not 1 new car in a 7 pack.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    That’s great that they are putting new cars and all but I’m not about to pay 30$ for 3 new cars and a bunch of re releases, also, the new van and other car have found there way on eBay, here’s the item numbers; 201265234272 and 171643330925, also a new toon from the wal mart exclusive toons, there are pictures of the card back as well; 301488318233 and 301488318236, just copy and past the item numbers.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Nothing at my Target (Saint Louis area), this set, or anything else. They only had one item remotely of interest, an “Interview Francesco”. Yawn.

  • gambarini says:

    Bruce has a very very good sculpt………
    I hope for a 2016 single release…

  • Jinzo says:

    HATE buying these multipacks… Bruce 7 pack isn’t the best deal… it’s nice to get more Denise Beams & Frank Cluchenson but at $29.99 isn’t justified. The 2nd pack is a bit better… might pick that one up. three new releases makes it a bit better to buy rather than one new release. Maybe on sale will entice me to pick it up…

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