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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2015 Movie Moment 2-Packs

Thanks “ED” for the nice pics of the new 2015 2-packs.

All are re-releases though some have not been out in a while – plastic tire Easy Idle has only been released as a launcher, no single, no 2-pack … and Easy Idle Pitty hasn’t been out as a single since ROR … though you no longer get the blue tires – you do get the tool chest.

Easy Idle

“ED” also notes that some Easy Idle has an error wheel rim.

easy idle2

Francesco & his Crew Chief which was a Kmart exclusive during the Porto Corsa series.


RPM Crew Chief also has never been in a 2-pack – though he has been out as single as has Petrol – though again, he no longer includes the tires. (Note that his diecast release shape/body does not match the screenshot – and never has).


The Sally 2-pack now comes with Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen versus the previous versions came with Cruisin McQueen.


There are 4x Sally, 2x Francesco, 3x Easy Idle & 3 RPM Chief.

A nice variety and 2-packs seem to be stocked and restocked on a regular basis.

Thanks for the great pics, “ED!”

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