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Toys R Us Opening 90 New Stores (Virtually All International)

Toys-R-Us-LogoIn case you wanted to pick up toys at official TRU’s around the world, here are where you can find new stores worldwide. (side by side means BRU next door).

United States: Two new TRU Outlet locations in West Palm Beach, FL and Canutillo, TX.

Australia: Three new Side-by-Side stores in Shellharbour, Fountain Gate and Maroochydore,

Canada: Two new Side-by-Side stores in Argyle-London and Orleans-Ottawa.

China: 22 new TRU stores, and one relocated store in Jinan Shimao Plaza, Zhengzhou Mix C, Chengdu Perennial Plaza, Wuxi IKEA, Yantai Joy City, Zhuhai Huafa Mall, Dalian Roosevelt, Beijing Shunyi BHG Mall, Shanghai New World Pujian, Kunming Plaza, Changzhou Injoy Plaza, Chongqing Mix C, Shenzhen Nine Square, Zhuhai Young Mix, Yancheng Zhongnan City, Wuhan Star City, Dailan Yihe City, Beijing Inter IKEA, Wuxi Mix CShanghai Qingpu Injoy Plaza, Beijing Paradise Walk, Chengdu IFS and Suzhou Times Square.

Germany: Five new TRU stores in Munster, Berlin–Leipziger Platz, Recklinghausen, Krefeld Ostwall Carre and Wiesbaden.

Hong Kong: One renovated Toys“R”Us store in Ocean Terminal.

Japan: Six new Side-by-Side stores in Kuzuha, Wakayama, Yokosuka, Odaka, Tokushima and Kakamigahara.

Malaysia: Eight new TRU stores in Tesco Klang, The Main Place USJ Selangor, Jaya Shopping Center, Gateway Klia 2 Airport, East Coast Mall, Fahrenheit 88, Palm Mal and Ioi City Mall Selangor.

Poland:  One new TRU store in Czeladz.

Portugal: One relocated TRU store in Matosinhos.

Singapore: One new TRU store in Suntec.

Switzerland: One new TRU store in Wangs.

Taiwan: One new and one relocated Toys ‘R’ Us store in Tainan Dream Mall and Yilan Carrefour.


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