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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Walmart Cad Spinner – ‘Ol Jammer 3 Pack? (UPDATE)

It’s hard to tell definitively if this is the correct 3-pack or if they just slapped a “random” 3-pack photo.

Walmart.com 3-Pack


If you visit the url on your non-mobile device, there’s no photo but if you use the Walmart App – this photo above shows up.

This 3-pack WAS/IS listed as coming so it is certainly plausible it’s available … and this 3-pack trumps the there is also a 4-pack version with repeats of Cad Spinner and ‘Ol Jammer but comes with Pulaski and Fire Fighter Dusty versus Maru in the 3-pack.

Walmart.com CS has no further info so is it what it is or is it not? Do you trust them? If anyone wants to roll the dice and order this (free store pickup), drop us a line if it’s a 7-WINNAH! Or craps.

UPDATE – For what it’s worth, after you complete the checkout, a photo above shows up as a thumbnail on your receipt.

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  • Adam S says:

    Any further word of where and when the four pack will be available. I believe the old post speculates target.

    (MET: Some people claim they’ve found it at WM? The photos online do not have a WM Only sticker (unlike the 3-pack) so it’s hard to tell).

  • John says:

    4 pack has Pulaski. Maru is even easier to find.

  • Adam S says:

    Looks like it’s already available in Canada and being auction together and broken up on eBay at high dollar. 17 something with tax if you pick one up locally in US. I will roll the dice met.

    So why do they release things sooner in Canada…dynamite is availabile on Canadian version ofstorr websites too.

  • Micky says:

    I ordered the Walmart 3-pack. I’ll let you know what I get when it arrives.

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