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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store Frank Tractor Tipping Set Limited-Not Limited + COUPON CODE

The Disney Store Tractor Tipping Set is back – it comes with with Frank the Combine, 3 Tractors, Lightning and Mater is back.

There was a thought this box set was limited but the “number” markings are on the outside and NOT on the box set itself. This is just a shipping count – so, it’s just #X of 2,000 BUT this 2,000 number doesn’t really mean anything. This is X of 2,000 but that might just mean the 1st shipment or a shipment that arrived on Tuesday … it’s just an internal number – so it’s not limited to 2,000 – just 2,000 in this SPECIFIC shipment.


Thanks for the nice pic and information heads up, “Michael VN,” Thanks!

There is a coupon code good until TUESDAY – DISNEYPAL – nets you 25% off.

The Disney Store Tractor Tipping Set

tractor tipping

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10 November 2014 Disney Pixar CARS, Disney Store One Comment

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