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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store Frank Tractor Tipping Set Limited to 2,000

The Disney Store Tractor Tipping Set is back – it comes with with Frank the Combine, 3 Tractors, Lightning and Mater is back.

But this time, it looks like they are limited to 2,000 sets* so if you’ve been waffling, you might need to pancake your procrastination and move your bacon from the open pit to the frying pan … um, that is a saying, right?

Good luck!

* Many readers have reported that there is a sticker that reads 1 of 2,000.

tractor tipping

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7 November 2014 Disney Pixar CARS, Disney Store 2 Comments


  • vedderman123 says:

    I got mine last week and all the boxes were smashed up in shipping. But they were numbered 700 something and 1300 something. I’ve since sent them back for new ones. But I think the production numbers are random seeing on how mine ranged. As far as I could tell the actual product box didn’t have the production number on it. But it was written on the side of the shipping box.

    (MET: Send us a pic of the number. Thanks!)

  • kfalcon77 says:

    To help put things in perspective, I received mine 4 days ago having ordered it last week and mine is #413/2000 so as of a week ago nearly a 1/4 of them were gone. Hope that helps.

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