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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Target CARS and PLANES Box Set Clearance

It looks like the various RACE DAY FAN 4-CAR GIFT PACKS are being clearanced …

target 4

Thanks for the heads up & photo, “Damian V.”


“Damian V.” also notes if you’re part of the Target Cartwheel app/deal – you can get another 20% or $2 off – so $7.99 for a 4-pack is not a bad deal (and only $2 more than a single at TRU 🙂  ).


Some of the exclusive CARS in the 4-pack are coming as singles in 2015 but it’s unknown exactly which ones so do you finally break down and spend $7.99 for one diecast or hope it arrives as a single in 2015? Good luck!

Some PLANES Box Sets may also be clearanced but I didn’t see any at my Target.

Thanks for heads up and photo, “Damian V.”

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  • Jinzo says:

    The 4 packs should jump up to regular price next week. They are just Temporary Price Cut. My guess they are trying to get rid of them. Now the questions that follows is will Mattel start shipping newer 4 packs? If I recall Met posted the next 4 packs. One of them included Milo if I recall. I know they are trying to move these out. The ones that should go clearance are the Planes 1. Those are just crap and don’t move at all. My store still has 23 – 28 of those. All old ones prior the Hector Vector one.

    Will Mattel still ship Planes 1 diecasts?

    (MET: There are new 4-packs and “fans” shown but the listing details are unknown as the listing is never broken down until it actually arrives … but as of now, it seems they are content to ship an exclusive with 3 repeat releases).

  • ksammut says:

    Thanks for sharing! I might have to get one pack for that price!

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