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New Game for Kids – Doogie Doo

It’s a realistic game of responsibility for kids!

doogie doo

Finally, realistic games of LIFE (not just driving around with 4 lollipop-head kids in an open top with no car seats) – what’s the next board game to really prepare kids for life in 2014?

Lining Up for a New iPhone
(Best Card to Pull – Woz gives me a piggyback ride)

Property Tax Dropoff Road Construction Obstacle Course
(Best card – Steal mayor’s car when when’s in motel)

Resolve Your Purchase Issue with PayPal
(There is no best card)

Zombie Neighborhood Invasion Waiting for the Cable Guy
(Worst Card – Zombie eats Cable Guy’s brain before explaining remote)

Maximum Buffet Value
(Best card – eating machine gene)

Homeowner’s Game
(Worst card – how many trips can you make to Home Depot in 6 Hours?)




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12 October 2014 Toys 2 Comments


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