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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Toons: Tokyo Mater “Patokaa” & “Manji”

Two more Tokyo Mater Toon singles have arrived …


Patokaa looks about the same as the previous release, not a unibody but if I recall correctly, Patokaa was pretty hard to find as it was in one of the last shipments.

Manji is the same brown eyed variant as in the 3-pack which also contained a previously unreleased Tokyo Mater so you might prefer that but if you want the single only, here he is. While I have not checked the appearance of Manji in the short, I’m presuming as a Japanese Tuner, he is more approriate with brown eyes (as in this single & the 3-pack) so the eyes have it – brown is the correct one now and the first release blue eyed Manji is the error variant.

BTW, there are more Tokyo Mater Toon diecasts coming in 3-packs. It’s unknown if they contain some new releases or if they are all -re-releases.


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