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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Toons: International Neon Racers

If you’re not in the US, the Neon Racers singles are available internationally – is the Target only box set available also? Shu is only available in the US as part of the Target 4-pack.

Shu is listed as a single coming in the US.

The initial Neon Racers list has not been updated so it’s unknown if the NOT-RELEASED ones: Carla Veloso, Jeff Gorvette, Rip Clutchgoneski and (surprisingly) Francesco Bernoulli will be released as Neon Racers. There is also no listing for a second 4-pack.

While there was of course a Lights & Sound Glow in the Dark Lightning & Shu (SDCC 2014), there is also a Lights Shu Todoroki (no sounds, no glow in the dark) shown.


Shu Intl


(anyone have a non-blurry shot?) 🙂

lights shu

Our contest to win an “opener” 4-pack box set ends SUNDAY. (DO NOT ENTER HERE – Enter at the link page ONLY).

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  • niftynigel says:

    All seven Neon Racers were in the one and only case assortment to be released in the UK. There were 4no. Lightning McQueen, 2no. Nigel Gearsley, 2no. Shu Todoroki and one each of Lewis Hamilton, Miguel Camino, Raoul CaRoule and Max Schnell. The case was CBG12-996B. They were originally sold for 6.99 GBP (11-12 USD).

    They first appeared at ASDA on 22 Jan 2014, then Sainsburys, Tesco, TRU, Disney Stores and Toymaster.

    The Neon Speed 4-Car Gift Pack appeared in the UK at TRU exclusively, I think. The price was 24.99 GBP (approx 40 USD).

    (MET: Thanks!)

  • Silver Frosty says:

    Australia has all 7 neons in US packaging including Shu. The first 6 were released in the first case and then Shu was in the second case assortment not long after.

    We don’t have the 4 pack though.

  • the 4-pack is also available in toys r us in france

    (MET: Good to know. Thanks!)

  • BMW says:

    Where are the light up tuners Mattel?

  • simoncars says:

    I saw this at our local Target in Toronto, Canada

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