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LEGO Mini Figures Series 12 + Link to “Feel” Guide

LEGO Mini Figures Series 12 are out!


It looks like another fun set and hard to resist a guy dressed as a pig … I’m not sure which is scarier, toothless miner or spooky ghost goth girl.

It’s also fun to attach the beard from the Wizard to some of the other characters. 🙂

“Paul J.” of “Random Encounters” has already put together a detailed feel guide with detailed photos of each mini figure along with a breakdown of the assortment count.

As noted, this is technically series 14 but The Simpsons and the LEGO Movie mini figures are not counted in this series.

Thanks, “Paul J.” and good luck to all!

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1 October 2014 Lego 2 Comments


  • Momoe says:

    The $4 price point was started with the LEGOS Movie series and continued with The Simpsons. With the blowout success of the Movie series and moderate successful of The Simpsons (I’ve still found full display boxes of them), I lost hope that LEGO Group would reconsider the $3 price point with they returned to their regular series 🙁

  • collectormom says:

    SO disappointed in the new price point for these. Yes, Simpson’s series was also $4 each but we didn’t buy any of those. We may try to pick up a few on Bricklink, the Goth Girl and Princess are cute.

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