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Mattel Disney Pixar Toon Diecast: Ice Racers Coming

Ice racers are definitely coming as the next, next Toon with a CARS series along with it. Besides, Ice Drifter Lightning McQueen, there is only a numbered listing, it appears to be the other 10 WGP racers but it’s hard to say for certain. It looks like in addition to the diecast versions from the upcoming Toon, there will be plastic (?) series that you can fill with water and then freeze them to use on a playset – is there something like that out for Hot Wheels?


This is Disney on Ice since there are no photos or screenshots of the Toon … so now, with WGP racer rubber tire racers, silver racers, color metallic racers, neon racers, and now ice drifter racers, what’s left?

And yea, so far, NONE of the series are complete even though there are only 11 WGP racers.

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  • MoMcQueen says:

    Ice racers?! What the heck is that? I thought you were just teasing when you told us this earlier, like a joke because the Cars shown were from Disney on Ice. What’s the storyline, they wake up and find themselves in Winnipeg in winter? They’re going to be white and blue? Wearing toques? And maybe won’t start. With frozen, square tires. Awesome. p.s. Someone tell Tongue McQueen to go home; he won’t like it here.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Sigh. Can we at least finish “Cars” as well? Say the Final Lap or Cars Finder’s Game pieces?

    All the other WGP series cars reminds me of “beating a dead horse”.

  • John says:

    Didn’t the release of regular Rip Clutchgoneski mark the full release of all eleven original WGP racers?

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