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Disney Star Wars Weekends: Disney Pixar CARS WARS Tractor Sandtroopers

Previewed early …

stormtrooper box set“John H.” sends along some early open photos.

Storm-Trooper-Sand-Trooper-front Storm-Trooper-Sand-Trooper-rside-2

These are from Mattel so they are 1:55 scale.







Thanks for the early pics and info, “John H.”

Links to the other new CAR WARS diecasts plus ordering instructions.


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  • BMW says:

    Met, are we sure these are made by Mattel?

    (MET: I don’t believe they are – post coming on my thoughts).

  • John in Missouri says:

    Is it Sandtroopers or Stormtroopers?

    • John says:

      The Stormtroopers are the clean white tractors and came out in 2013. The new 2014 ones are Sandtroopers and have the yellow sand effect painted on them. One has a soft black plastic extension over the right large wheel, the other an orange one.

  • NascarFan says:

    Is anyone going to the May 15th Star Wars event?

    • YuKiO says:

      I’m kind of considering it. I just went to Disneyland for Spring Break though, and I would have to drive down from Nor Cal. I just don’t want to order over the phone because I know the packaging will get messed up during shipping. Is it on the 15th or the 16th? I’m really feeling Chick Hicks as Boba Fett. 🙂

  • brianmc4745 says:

    Not liking this to much. I hate box sets,(I’m a moc collector) they just take up to much space.

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