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Disney Pixar CARSLand: Sarge’s Hut or My House?

Sarge’s Hut or My Display?

wheel well

Okay, it’s Sarge’s Hut at CARSLAND – my display is not quite as nice (plywood and dirt is almost the same) – though I would never mistakenly put two of the above CARS in a Wheel Well display. 🙂


Thanks for the great pics, “Nikko.” The little piazza looks great – but how many CARS do NOT belong here.

The fountain is very cool!


It’s Towin Eoin on the bridge.

Tokyo turn eoin

Scaled next to Alex Carvill & giant Mach just behind him.


This would make for a nice 2nd MSOS set though I’m sure they figure “no one would want this one also.”


Next time you’re there, slap a UPC on the bottom of this for $99, then try and carry it to the checkout counter. 🙂

Or you think me slapping a post-it note on the back, “SAVE DISPLAY FOR MET” will work?  😆

It would be nice to call up and say, “John Lasseter says to send us every car coming out this year … and be quick about it.”

Grem with camera (coming soon).


Thanks for the great pics, “Nikko.”

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