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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Deluxe Case K – Ivan If You Missed Him

Deluxe CASE K is noteworthy if you missed out on Ivan as a mail-away last year … since Ivan was a “free” mail-away, it’s not like he was an limited exclusive that cost extra and now appearing at regular retail price …

The front is same as last year’s card – no Kmart snipe so if you’re a card completist. Though he may be the first Deluxe of 2014 to sport the complete Disney Pixar CARS logo. The cardback has been updated to the 2014 LEMONS cardback.

1 Ivan

ivan cardback

And 1 Emmanuel.



And 1 Chuck ‘Choke’ Cables – while he’s been out a while, there was only 1 in the other case so now it’ll be easier to find.

Chuck cables

There’s also 2 Red – BTW, I think I kept forgetting to post this but Red 2 was upgraded to a unibody last year.

 REd 2014

In 2011, he was upgraded in the CARS 2 lineup to a longer and taller version but with a plastic faceplate. In 2013, he was upgraded to an all-metal cab unibody version like the (2014) one above.

His fire equipment bed & fire equipment is plastic so you can decide – CARS 1 Red is ALL METAL where you see “red” – his cab and his bed. CARS 2 (version 2) Red is taller and longer but ONLY the cab is metal. There are 2 in the case.

There is also 1 Mack in this case. Thanks for the heads up Rob, (My 7 Kids).

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  • BMW says:

    Original Red is still my favorite Red of the 3 versions. The 2011 Red’s plastic face has that color mismatch plastic, like many of the segmented Cars from that era.

    (MET: The weird thing is current unibody Red does not seem to weigh much more than first “CARS 2” Red – though neither comes close to sheer heft and weight or original Red).

  • bobbyjack says:

    The pegs are already clogged around here with these deluxes. Be nice if they rereleased some harder to find deluxes. (Bessie, Frank, The Queen,)Where is Jungle Miles?

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