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Mattel Disney PLANES: The Bulldog Variant

Since we have had some many oddball releases of the PLANES singles – it was hard to keep track of the Bulldog variant but thanks to Rob (My 7 Kids), we have two side by side.

Bulldog Versions

The one on the left is the is the earlier release. Presumably the plant decided to save time and money and not paint the canopy windows. The left one looks like the correct one going by the official screenshot.


Thanks, Rob (My 7 Kids).

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  • Robert says:

    I did a post of the Bulldog variations, back around the first of January; over on CTT. There are also 3 card variations. If you want to check out the post; it’s under the Planes section. It’s about the 6th or so topic down; posted by robertinabilene. I won’t post a link here, because I don’t know if is ok to do so.

  • Dunroamin says:

    the 86 LJH also has a slight variant..the one in the 7 pack has a line between the eye and the eyelid…the single didn’t

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