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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Neon Racers – Off Track?

The distribution of the Neon Racers has certainly been odd …


While the 4-packs seems to have appeared in most stores, it seems the singles have not shown up anywhere (in NorCal, unless it’s an instant sellout, I have not seen evidence of the singles – though I only go to Target about once a week) … some readers have reported checking in stores only to be told they are “CLEARANCE/DISCONTINUED” items.

While that could be true, my feeling is that this “designation” might only show up as that in stores that have NOT received any NEON RACERS – it’s easier to only show two designations – current DPCI items (Target uses DPCI versus UPC’s) or “Clearance/Discontinued” to avoid getting returns on items that the store does not want or doesn’t offer a full price refund.

Mainly because it seems that since most stores have not even received singles, it’s not enough info to determine it’s not working/not selling … especially since they seem to be selling okay and certainly way better than the Ripflash plastic CARS which have not been clearanced yet but should be in another few weeks – Target will usually give most items at least a month before discounting them even if it’s a disaster – which Neon Racers certainly would not seem to be – especially since Target got an exclusive including a book … so it seems more likely there was some weird disruption in the supply chain so not all stores have received their setup – that is the other weird thing, Target seems to be fairly consistent in their “plan-o-grams,” as their stores all seem to be about the same size – outside of the CityTarget stores but they only number about 5 stores … so if only a few Target’s are getting these, this would also be a first … so if you did get some, enter in the DPCI number below for the singles or the 4-pack and then people can enter them into the red scanners – you will get info for that store – whether it’s in stock. Let us know what you uncover.

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  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    The Target on Union Avenue in Tacoma, WA had the singles and four packs for about one week. I passed through the same Target today and there was maybe one or two on the pegs. Really a short shelf life on these. Day old bread lasts longer than any Cars cases.

  • Momoe says:

    A few weeks ago, our local Target had the end cap and all of the peripheral toys, books and DVDs but the singles pegs were completely empty with price cut tags attached (don’t remember price). I haven’t checked back.

  • John says:

    There seemed to be a real quality control issue with getting the paint right on the Cars. Maybe they’ve given up or they pulled distribution until they could get the problem under control.
    There would have been a hard delivery date in their agreement with Target that Mattel would not have been able to push off so the endcap and other product is there, ready or not.

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      I’m thinking John is onto something here. The initial images from the Chinese back-door sellers all showed varying states of frayed decal edges, or outright chips and tears. I have seen a few in stores locally now, and they look cruddy too. I wonder why these decals are so much more problematic than any other Cars decal treatment? Maybe thinner to better adhere, or maybe some kind of dual paint layer to make the neon effect?

  • Lightyear says:

    Our Target has been the opposite.
    They’ve had the singles (which have since sold out), but never have they had the 4 packs yet. This was about a month ago.

  • Refriedbeans says:

    My stores in PA received them, I didn’t buy any though.

  • BMW says:

    Most Targets in Houston received 2 cases each of the singles, and 2 cases of the 4 packs with the nice endcap display. As of last week most stores are sold out and the scanner for singles and 4 packs shows discontinued.
    The other pegs/shelves for the plastic toys, spinners, cameras, and big plastic Mcqueen do not show as discontinued. The endcap had a take down date of 3/23/14.
    It seems that the discontinued items is Target wide regardless whether the store got the singles or not. Maybe its a glitch or Target did not order enough to supply all stores with singles.

  • jayvandy says:

    Missoula Montana got one case of singles and one case of 4 packs. Nothing since then as they were put on an endcap. No sign of them since.

  • carcollector6 says:

    A few weeks ago I saw a single Neon Raoul at Target, not even on the pegs or anything, so I don’t know where the rest was, if they even had it.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I guess we’re opposite. My local Target is full of neon singles. Although there was only one McQueen left. I have never seen the 4-pack though.

  • Pontiac Michigan says:

    Individual Neons: 087-07-0400
    Box Set of 4 Neons: 087-07-0404
    2 Pack Set Neons: 087-07-0408
    These were valid on the 25th of FEB 2014 when I tracked
    down a set.
    Targets has had some “no UPC/Price” issues lately with the
    new World of Cars, back to the Disney Pixar carded ones, so
    there might be some left over gliches.
    Happy Hunting

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