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Mattel Disney PLANES: Rochelle & French Rochelle

“ToyFountain” sends along photos of a US Rochelle, the international card Rochelle & “French Rochelle.”

They are on the left of a USA Rochelle, the Canadian Rochelle (same as the US diecast) and below, European Rochelle.


france Rochelle


I found the Canadian Rochelle locally (in Quebec, Canada) near boxing day. It has what looks like a international front, but with the same diecast as the USA Rochelle. The reverse side looks like an international Rochelle but with french and english written on it.

French Rochelle is listed as a upcoming US release but that’s not to sayit will actually come out in the US.

Thanks “ToyFountain” for the nice photos!


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17 March 2014 Disney Planes, Mattel Disney Planes 2 Comments


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