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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Father Burke Is a Padre & Not a Padre

Thanks for the great pics, “King Andy.”

Father Burke has arrived with his two Cardinal Pitty’s (Angelo & Antonio).

Technically a Father is called a Padre in certain parts of the world (along with the military calling a chaplain a padre …) so Father Burke is a Padre but in CARS terms, is Father Burke the same as Padre (the Toon release)?


Padre, the Toon release is on the right.

burke padre

While they would seem to be the same, it looks like Father Burke is a unibody so they decided just to redo the sculpt … hence the mouth, grill & front lights are different as well as the “hood” design. Of course, they will usually move the eyes to a different position for a repaint – but this definitely is more than a repaint.


Detailing differences – along with new rims.

top hat

They seem to have re-sized the hat down slightly.

burke back

Padre had much less details on the back so Father Burke is a nice upgrade in all aspects.

Thanks for the great photos, “King Andy.”

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  • hypercarrots says:

    still confused as to why he has a sticker that says takeshi 139 on his trunk. his lic plate shows he is from novara

    • quercy says:

      Knowing that the ancient Japanese meaning for TAKESHI is “military, warrior” makes Father Burke a little suspicious as his real intent… 😉

      Why are you saying the plate is from Novara… The plate start with BW… there is no plate starting with BW in Italy…

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