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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Riplash Racers

The age-old ripstick technology has been upgraded to the 21 century – it’s not a corkscrew and you can launch more than one vehicle at a time.

Called “Riplash Racers,” this is the big playset for it – Rip Start Challenge Loop.

Tiger Chen

This is the plastic Lightning McQueen you get with the set. The vehicles are slightly larger than a MINI ADVENTURE vehicle .

riplash LM

Photographer Bill Kroll Stylist Alison Zukovsky

There is also a Mack that can launch 4 cars.

Mack launcher back

Photographer Stylist

Riplash mack

They are going all in on this line extension. There is a Francesco Hauler launcher coming along with a King/Dinoco launcher … AND a Mack launcher version with transparent doors AND a Francesco launcher 2 with transparent doors also … collect them all.

Photographer Stylist

Thanks for the nice photos, “John H.”


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