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Mattel Disney PLANES: Playsets (Might Not Fly Off the Shelf)

As some of you may have noticed, a whole slew of PLANES random playsets have been released.

While these now fall under the Action Shifters lineup, they don’t really differ much from the last series of PLANES playsets. You get a plastic PLANE and a guide rail to slide the PLANE along it.

In theory, you can run your diecast PLANES on the guide rail except that as they are plastic guide rails, I don’t think metal diecast PLANES work very well on them (the whole gravity thing).

action shifter fill 'n fly  action shifter skipper flight school

That’s the main problem with PLANES, thanks to safety requirements, they can’t really launch and as PLANES, the don’t work very well as diecast vehicles with a launcher device/effect.

action shifter flight to finish

There is also a new PLANES Micro Drifter playset.

air dare loop

Thanks for the nice photos, “John H!”

Photographer Dennis Stylist Alfonse

More photos of the Air Dare Loop playset HERE.

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